Since moving to our charming new home a little over a year ago I’ll admit we have been a tad slow in buying a new landline telephone. I’m not sure why really, perhaps because mobiles and Skype are so prevalent in our lives we never really felt much need to rush and find a new one.

This week I decided to rectify the situation. I should probably mention at this point that the reason we needed a new phone at all was because a certain then 1 year old Jude had drooled and bashed the last one into an early grave.

With this memory in mind I realised the new telephone needed to be not just functional, but a good price too.

Jude is nearly 3 now but should any accidents occur whilst little paws are holding the handset I would much prefer not to cry at the amount of money lost at another defunct phone.

So, we needed a reasonably priced telephone that works well, is quite hardy and child proof (is that an oxymoron?) and last but by no means least is stylish. Very stylish.

I needed, a vintage telephone. Or at least a lovely replica. Over at Amazon that’s just what I found.

This Mybelle Chic Deluxe Telephone is absolutely perfect. Ticking all the boxes it is chic and stylish in a neutral colour to suit all tastes and decor. It is sturdy and wipe clean with buttons just the right size for a 2 year old to practice his numbers whilst dialling Grandma. What’s more, at just over £20.00 the price is wonderfully easy to swallow.

Freshly installed today this beautiful vintage style telephone is somewhat of a novelty to my baby boy, born into a world of advanced technology. He loves to play on our smart phones and tablets and yet this afternoon has mainly been spent phoning friends and family the old fashioned way, just for Jude.

Somewhat ironic, perhaps. But a lovely way to pass the time on a cold, wet January day.

Love, Emma x