Unique Naturals

When Unique Naturals approached me to review their skincare range it wasn’t an offer I had to mull over for long. Already mutual followers on Twitter I was aware the brand were passionate about using high quality, organic ingredients and I was keen to discover more.

Based in the UK, Unique Naturals produce a range of facial serums that, as the name suggests, contain a unique blend of natural ingredients such as Grapeseed Oil, Argan Oil and Marshmallow Extract, that have been specially combined to work together and which claim to provide beautiful, healthy skin.

Beautiful, healthy skin sounded more than a little appealing. I am not blessed with naturally flawless skin, in fact, I have had issues worth crying (I have) and screaming (that too) over since I was but a slip of a prepubescent girl. Oily, combination skin graced my life early and by the time I was 11 I knew what it felt like to feel self-conscious over how I looked. Acne assumed position as my most loyal best friend throughout the challenging teenage years and much to my devastation, didn’t ever feel like going away as I got older.

If the ongoing pimples problem wasn’t enough, to add insult to superb injury I also suffered (and still do) with severe dry skin and eczema. In short, I am every beauty counter girl’s worst nightmare. Depending on the season, daily weather conditions and particular times of the month, my skin can range from looking OK, to dry and patchy (make-up loves dry and patchy) to a full scale oily breakout.

I’ve spent a lifetime trying to perfect my skin and, unlike my earlier years where I was persuaded to use the contraceptive pill as a foolproof acne treatment (it wasn’t – don’t even get me started on that story – it doesn’t have a happy ending), I am now much more savvy and aware of what it means to look after my skin. High quality, natural supplements, a balanced diet rich in nutrients and topical treatments made of pure ingredients are by far the kindest things to treat any skin condition and natural oils are among my favourites.

When the package arrived I was immediately taken by how pretty the lovely turquoise box was. Whether it be a conscious act or not, the choice of colour is wonderfully clever and matches that of every girl’s favourite jeweller, Tiffany’s (I was already a little bit in love with them for this alone).

I was sent the Skin Serum Collection which contains 30 ml bottles of all three formulas:

Balance – Combination Skin Serum.

 Elixir Of Youth – Anti Ageing Serum.

Nurture – Dry Skin Serum

 Over the course of a four week period I used all three of the serums, depending on how my skin was feeling and what it was looking like at that time. I can honestly say that even from the very first time of using them, I have been blown away by the results. In fact, I may have even tweeted Unique Naturals that I was ‘rendered speechless’ by the serums – thankfully my speech has returned else this would have made for a very short article.

I’m not one for giving bad reviews so if something doesn’t work for me I just won’t publish anything. Which means you can be sure that only the very best, that actually wows me, makes it to the blog.

You can tell the quality of the serums from the moment you pour them into the palm of your hand, liquid gold wouldn’t be an exaggeration. Thick (but not so much it feels disgusting) and rich in colour, a little goes a long way as your skin soaks up the nourishing wonderfulness.

The Results

The bit we are all interested in…do they really work?

The morning after using the first serum (it was Balance for your information), I can only describe waking up to skin that looked like a little pixie had lovingly put a pre-makeup primer all over my face as I slept. You know, the makes-everything-look-that-bit-nicer look? I think primers are one of the best beauty inventions ever so believe me when I tell you this is a huge nod to the serum in question.

Four weeks on and with a combined use of all three serums my skin looks fresh, revitalised and clean. The other day a friend asked me how my skin looked so good in a picture I’d sent her and at the time I dismissed it as ‘good lighting’. It didn’t occur to me until I was writing this today that actually, it wasn’t the lighting I had to thank, it was Unique Naturals.

So, thank you, Unique Naturals. Thank you for your serums and thank you for taking years to master your craft. Good quality and passion for the product really does shine through.

Love for now,

Emma x